Tree Care

Florida’s Arbor Day: Select the Best Trees for Your Property

Tree Care

Florida’s Arbor Day is in January, when trees are dormant and receptive to transplanting. What tree type would best suit your property and preferences? Consider factors influencing optimal placement, including a tree’s ability to block unsightly views, make statements, enhance your home, and reduce wind.

What to Do with Your Live Tree After Christmas

Tree Care

10 million Christmas trees end up in landfill every season. Choose an environmentally friendly way to dispose of, repurpose, or recycle your tree this year: recycle it through a community program, create pine straw mulch, make a wildlife refuge, or enjoy a safe campfire.

Care for Your Florida Palms

Tree Care

May is the perfect time for palm planting. Once your palms are in the ground, proper care is essential. Groom as needed, water and fertilize regularly, and watch out for infections like lethal bronzing disease. Know the symptoms of LBD and act quickly.

Be Prepared for Hurricane Season

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Some Floridians are so used to hurricane season that they hardly give it a second thought. It’s true that most hurricanes won’t rip through your hometown, but the key is to prepare for the one that might.

Now is the Time for Palm Planting

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A quintessentially Floridian plant, palms are a perfect accent for any home. Palms are unique and require care that is different from other trees, so understanding what they need before planting creates the best opportunity for them to thrive.

It’s Florida—Plant a Citrus Tree!

Tree Care

Florida is prime real estate for growing citrus trees. From oranges to grapefruit to limes, there is a fruit for everyone. Choose one or more varieties and start growing your own citrus for eating, juicing, and cooking.