Colorful Florida Fall foliage

Colorful Fall Foliage in Florida: You Can Have It!


Florida homeowners, discover how you can incorporate stunning fall colors into your garden. This guide offers expert tips for creating a picturesque autumn landscape, even in the Sunshine State, with vibrant flowers like mums and zinnias plus native shrubs and striking tees.

Water feature in Florida landscaping

8 Ways to Get Creative with Your Landscaping


Get inspired with eight creative landscaping ideas for Florida homeowners, including vertical gardens, water features, outdoor living areas, and more. Transform your space into an oasis that reflects your style and elevates your enjoyment of your property and the outdoors.

Florida garden with vines

Elevate Your Garden with Vines

BeautificationGardenPlants & Shrubs

Vines can transform your garden into an enchanting oasis. In this blog, we'll delve into the various functions of vines, guide you in choosing manageable and suitable species for your Florida garden, and provide insightful steps on training your chosen vine.

Create a Moonlight Garden


Create a magical oasis in a moonlight garden, featuring white, silver, and cool-colored plants, accessories, and hardscaping that reflect the light of the moon. Water features and fragrant flowers stimulate the senses. When you’re done, you’ll have an intimate space perfect for nighttime conversation, walks, and meditation.

Freshen Up Your Backyard This Fall


A backyard is a special place, made even more so when it is shared with close friends and family. Now is the time to breathe new life into the summer yard and get ready for all the fun to come this fall.

Modernize Your Outdoor Space

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Transform your landscaping with inspiring modern design. Emphasize clean lines, angles, and patterns. Balance structured hardscape with subtle color, furniture and design features, and an accent or two. Create warmth with natural elements. Remember that less is more!

Creating and Installing a Water Garden


Now may be the perfect time for a final quarantine home project, like installing a water garden. In-ground and above-ground options and a short list of necessary materials make this a project that is sure to be a success, even for beginners.