Total Property Maintenance

A diverse range of solutions that cater to what we call “Total Property Maintenance.” Although we frequently supply these solutions a la carte, we specialize in being able to package these solutions together making Floralawn your one and only phone call. On most properties, we are able to combine landscape maintenance, fertilization, outdoor & indoor pest control, landscape design, and irrigation providing a complete suite of services that address every area of maintenance for one affordable price. Our clients are able to reduce their overall expenses by procuring normal day-to-day services from one provider.

Community Associations

Floralawn is a trusted caretaker of Central Florida’s most beautiful landscaped environments. As an experienced partner delivering both knowledge and personal service to our clients, we understand how a well-maintained landscape attracts people, residents, and adds to the curb appeal of the community. When Floralawn is chosen as the preferred landscape maintenance contractor, rest assured you’ve chosen a proven company that knows your landscape is about maintaining property values and retaining residents. Contact us for a hassle-free proposal that outlines a custom maintenance solution for your property.


Floralawn understands the importance of maintaining a quality landscape at the lowest cost possible. We often couple services, create custom packages, and provide services a la carte to balance the budget and needs of our commercial clients. Whether it’s an upscale office building or a convenience station catering to passerby’s, a well-maintained landscape appeals to your prospective customers and adds an element of safety to your property. Request a quote and we can match our unparalleled service with your budget.


Many of Central Florida’s most breathtaking homes rely on Floralawn to maintain their landscape. With unique services that meet the needs of individual homeowners, we give special attention that giant landscape maintenance providers cannot offer and services small companies lack. Every service Floralawn performs on large HOA’s or Commercial properties can be utilized on individual homes. This sets Floralawn apart from any competition in Central Florida knowing that whatever need you have on your property, we’ve got you covered. Request a quote today and take advantage of our Customer Perk Program.


Often times, landscape installs are one of the last stages in a construction project. We package all of our services for one project. From designing and placement to irrigation, we put an emphasis on production and efficiency. Our crews are non-obtrusive and relentlessly to save time and produce a time-sensitive, well thought out end result.

How Can We Help?

Let us customize a landscape plan that meets the unique demands of your property. Partner with a team of experts who have decades of industry knowledge.