Floralawn’s Disaster Relief Protocol


When a disaster strikes, it can leave behind property damage that may pose safety risks, financial burden, and emotional overwhelm. Floralawn has established a comprehensive disaster relief protocol to efficiently and thoroughly reduce safety hazards, address property needs, and bring your landscape back to life.

Composting in Florida landscape

Composting 101

Fertilization & Pest ControlGarden

Composting can save household waste from the landfill while creating an organic, nutrient-rich fertilizer and soil amendment to benefit your landscaping. Start composting today: create a compost pile or build a compost bin to save space.

Florida vegetable gardening with kids

Vegetable Gardening with Kids


Cultivating vegetables provides a meaningful opportunity for children to witness the full lifecycle of a plant, feel a sense of achievement in their efforts, and develop a better understanding of the process involved in producing food.

Water feature in Florida landscaping

8 Ways to Get Creative with Your Landscaping


Get inspired with eight creative landscaping ideas for Florida homeowners, including vertical gardens, water features, outdoor living areas, and more. Transform your space into an oasis that reflects your style and elevates your enjoyment of your property and the outdoors.

Florida garden with vines

Elevate Your Garden with Vines

BeautificationGardenPlants & Shrubs

Vines can transform your garden into an enchanting oasis. In this blog, we'll delve into the various functions of vines, guide you in choosing manageable and suitable species for your Florida garden, and provide insightful steps on training your chosen vine.

Florida landscaping for men's health

Celebrate Men’s Health Month: Get Outside


In honor of Men's Health Month, this blog explores the benefits for men of landscaping and being outdoors. Yard work, gardening, and spending time outside offer men mental, physical, and sexual benefits; stress relief; enhanced social connections; increased self-esteem; and improved well-being.