What to Do with Your Live Tree After Christmas

Tree Care

10 million Christmas trees end up in landfill every season. Choose an environmentally friendly way to dispose of, repurpose, or recycle your tree this year: recycle it through a community program, create pine straw mulch, make a wildlife refuge, or enjoy a safe campfire.

Gifts for Gardening Lovers


Christmas is fast approaching and it’s time to start contemplating the perfect gift for the gardening lover in your life. We’ve compiled a list of gadgets and holiday plants to help you find the right gift for your special person.

Create a Wildlife-Friendly Landscape


Create a wildlife-friendly landscape that attracts native insects, birds, organisms, and other creatures. Plant a pollinator garden; provide shelter throughout your property for insects and small critters; install water sources like bird baths or fountains; and select native plants to support beneficial wildlife.

Che Bello! Create a Mediterranean Garden

GardenLandscape Maintenance

Transform your ordinary Florida garden into a Tuscan wonderland. Welcome the low-maintenance, drought-tolerant, and dreamy design of a Mediterranean landscape and enjoy its modern look and peaceful mood. Select evergreens, fruit trees, herbs, and perennials. Install outdoor features like patios and pergolas.

Floralawn’s Disaster Relief and Post-Storm Cleanup Services


Following weather events like hurricanes, Floralawn prioritizes cleanup and relief efforts over regularly scheduled maintenance tasks like mowing and trimming. We visit client properties as soon as possible after the storm to evaluate damage and implement a plan for recovery.

Cultivate a Vibrant Late-Summer Garden

GardenPlants & Shrubs

Your garden’s colorful blooms may begin to fade this month as perennials decline. Combat this by installing a variety of plants, maintaining them carefully, and pruning strategically. Extend the life of your blooming plants and enjoy a vibrant late-summer garden.

What Fruit Can I Grow in Florida?


Florida’s distinct regions are suitable for different fruits and certain cultivars. In general, grow tropical fruits in South Florida, citrus in South and Central Florida, and stone and pome fruit in Central and North Florida. However, there are always exceptions; do your research before deciding.

Landscaping Projects for the Summer Months

Landscape Maintenance

Long summer days are well spent completing fun DIY projects to upgrade and rejuvenate your landscape. Want to install a new landscape feature or spruce up an existing one? We’ve put together a few ideas for DIY projects to get you started.

Grow Your Own Mangos


In honor of National Mango Day, make plans now to grow your own mangos! Choose the best variety for your property and location and the ideal planting site. Follow our planting tips to set your mango tree up for success.