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Spring Pest Management

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Warm spring temperatures bring out the birds, flowers, and…pests. Six common insects you may see on your Florida property this season are mosquitoes, ants, termites, bees, wasps, and chinch bugs. We take a look at these insects and what you can do to manage them.

plant a vegetable garden

Plan and Plant Your Spring Vegetable Garden


Start your spring vegetable garden this month. North and Central Floridians may still plant cool-season vegetables, and all gardeners can enjoy crops like tomatoes and watermelon if they hurry. Prepare the soil, take stock of planting times, and get certain plants in the ground right away.

Your Shrub Guide, Part 2: Planting and Care

GardenPlants & Shrubs

As a follow-up to our shrub planning and selection blog, we present to you our guide for shrub planting and care. Prepare the soil and planting sites, plant your shrubs properly, and know what new shrubs need when it comes to water, fertilizer, and pest control.

Your Shrub Guide, Part 1: Selection and Planning

GardenPlants & Shrubs

Shrubs serve a special role in landscape unity and have near-endless functions. Shrubs may be used as privacy or noise barriers, backdrops for garden features, specimen plants, and more. Determine your purpose for adding shrubs to your property and follow our steps for thoughtful selection.

Florida’s Arbor Day: Select the Best Trees for Your Property

Tree Care

Florida’s Arbor Day is in January, when trees are dormant and receptive to transplanting. What tree type would best suit your property and preferences? Consider factors influencing optimal placement, including a tree’s ability to block unsightly views, make statements, enhance your home, and reduce wind.