How Should You Care for Your Shrubs in February?

Plants & Shrubs

Your bushes need some attention this month. Don’t “shrub” it off—this article provides everything you need to properly care for your shrubs in preparation for spring. Included are our pro tips for pruning, shaping, planting, watering, and fertilizing.

How and When to Use Preemergence Herbicides

Landscape MaintenanceLawn Care

Preemergence herbicides are a proactive and preventative alternative to standard weed control measures like mowing and hand pulling. Applied (and reapplied) correctly, they prevent weed seeds from ever germinating. Choose between selective and nonselective herbicide types based on your needs.

Protecting Florida Plants in Winter

Plants & Shrubs

Many sun-loving Florida plants do well in the heat but are not hardy enough to withstand an overnight freeze. Keep an eye on the forecast and prepare your plants properly to keep them happy and healthy all winter long.

Dealing with Moles in Your Florida Yard

Landscape Pests

Moles have disturbed many a homeowner with their hills and tunnels. They're rarely seen, though evidence of their presence is unmistakable. But have you ever tried getting rid of the furry critters? It is easier said than done.

It’s Florida—Plant a Citrus Tree!

Tree Care

Florida is prime real estate for growing citrus trees. From oranges to grapefruit to limes, there is a fruit for everyone. Choose one or more varieties and start growing your own citrus for eating, juicing, and cooking.

Fence Options for All Landscapes

Landscape Maintenance

Homeowners install fencing for a variety of reasons, including for privacy or to keep pets and children contained. Select the material based on what you want the fence to accomplish or provide, then decide whether to hire out the installation or do it yourself.