What Fruit Can I Grow in Florida?


Florida’s distinct regions are suitable for different fruits and certain cultivars. In general, grow tropical fruits in South Florida, citrus in South and Central Florida, and stone and pome fruit in Central and North Florida. However, there are always exceptions; do your research before deciding.

Landscaping Projects for the Summer Months

Landscape Maintenance

Long summer days are well spent completing fun DIY projects to upgrade and rejuvenate your landscape. Want to install a new landscape feature or spruce up an existing one? We’ve put together a few ideas for DIY projects to get you started.

Grow Your Own Mangos


In honor of National Mango Day, make plans now to grow your own mangos! Choose the best variety for your property and location and the ideal planting site. Follow our planting tips to set your mango tree up for success.

Is It Too Hot for Vegetables?


July is too hot for planting more than a few vegetables. Maintain your current garden and prepare for your future one. Construct raised beds or mounds to improve drainage and consider a soil solarization system to rid the soil of unwanted pests, weeds, and diseases.

Landscaping for the Summer Season

Landscape MaintenanceLawn Care

Adapt to summer weather changes to keep your lawn in excellent shape. Adjust your watering schedule, feed your lawn in accordance with fertilizer bans, look out for and identify common summer pests, remove weeds directly, and maintain your summer tools.

Care for Your Florida Palms

Tree Care

May is the perfect time for palm planting. Once your palms are in the ground, proper care is essential. Groom as needed, water and fertilize regularly, and watch out for infections like lethal bronzing disease. Know the symptoms of LBD and act quickly.

Create a Moonlight Garden


Create a magical oasis in a moonlight garden, featuring white, silver, and cool-colored plants, accessories, and hardscaping that reflect the light of the moon. Water features and fragrant flowers stimulate the senses. When you’re done, you’ll have an intimate space perfect for nighttime conversation, walks, and meditation.

Celebrate Earth Day the Florida Way


Earth Day may occur just once annually, but it draws attention to a perennial principle—we have a role to play in caring for the Earth. Your part might be to just plant differently in your own home and yard.

Visit Florida Gardens This Spring


Plant care is a hobby for many, but most homeowners don’t have the time to cultivate the private garden of their dreams. You might not either, and maybe you don’t have to. Instead, visit a public garden!

Spring Has Sprung: Landscaping Tasks for the Season

IrrigationLawn Care

Ladies and gentlemen, pull out your wide-brimmed hats, sunscreen, and lemonade because the time for spring landscaping is now! Whether or not outside projects are your thing, you’re in the right place because we've covered the most important spring landscaping tasks.