Floralawn’s Disaster Relief Protocol


When a disaster strikes, it can leave behind property damage that may pose safety risks, financial burden, and emotional overwhelm. Floralawn has established a comprehensive disaster relief protocol to efficiently and thoroughly reduce safety hazards, address property needs, and bring your landscape back to life.

Floralawn’s Disaster Relief and Post-Storm Cleanup Services


Following weather events like hurricanes, Floralawn prioritizes cleanup and relief efforts over regularly scheduled maintenance tasks like mowing and trimming. We visit client properties as soon as possible after the storm to evaluate damage and implement a plan for recovery.

Be Prepared for Hurricane Season

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Some Floridians are so used to hurricane season that they hardly give it a second thought. It’s true that most hurricanes won’t rip through your hometown, but the key is to prepare for the one that might.

Wear Protective Clothing When Working Outside


Working outside in your yard? Don’t dismiss the importance of wearing protective clothing. Guard your head, feet, and body. Consider our suggestions for footwear, headgear, shirts, and pants that will keep you safe from the sun’s rays, biting insects, and flying debris.

Landscape Lighting to Keep You Safe


Landscape lighting around homes and properties helps to discourage intruders—it’s harder to sneak unseen across an illuminated yard. It also prevents visitor accidents—people tripping on roots, steps, and pathway edges. Install lamp posts, floodlights, and solar-powered pathway lights.

Ready for Outside Summer Work?

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Gardeners must stay hydrated, dress wisely, and take breaks when working outside in the summer heat. It is also important to be aware of dangerous snakes, spiders, and ticks found in Florida yards. Be careful when moving through brush or reaching into dark spaces.

How to Make Your Yard Pet-Friendly

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Do you have a pet? Make sure your property is a secure and comfortable place for it—provide areas for running, patrolling, and going to the bathroom. Be aware of the many plants that are toxic to animals and stick with the plants that are safe.

Watch Out for These Landscape Critters

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Florida gardeners and landscapers working outside during our cool season must remember that we share space with many creatures, including some dangerous ones. This blog takes a quick look at the ticks, snakes, and spiders whose bites cause pain, disease, and, sometimes, death.