Landscape Maintenance

Partner with Floralawn and discover what it's like to have consistent service delivery and a diverse range of landscape solutions tailored to your property.

Customized Plan

We combine our years of industry knowledge and a holistic approach to create a landscape schedule that keeps your landscape looking its best for years to come.

Routine and Consistency

Scheduled maintenance plans create a consistent look and promotes plant growth. Expect the best when our crews are on-site, on-time, wearing clean and visible uniforms.

The Best Equipment

Sharp blades and new equipment ensure clean cuts and accident-free services. We have one of the newest fleets in the industry.

Proactively Prepared

Quality inspections and cutting-edge preventative products provide a proactive approach to stop problems before they start, which saves you time and money.

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Championsgate, FL
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Lakeland, FL
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Water Management

Droughts, high water bills, new regulations, violation penalties… Water Management is a current hot topic in Florida today. Water is a limited resource and using it wisely is even more imperative now. Proper Water Management goes far beyond merely “fixing sprinklers.”


Water plays the most vital role in the overall appearance and health of plantings on your property. Making sure enough water is being applied is just as crucial as making sure you aren’t running money down the drain. The experts at Floralawn understand that your irrigation system is the main artery that feeds the living, breathing organism known as your landscape.

Pumps & Wells

Since 1958, we have been the “go-to” pump and irrigation company in Polk County and surrounding areas because of our specialty in servicing and maintaining today’s complicated pump systems. Having over 53 years of experience, we enjoy the lasting relationships built not only by providing expert service, but also by being a source of knowledge for our customers.

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Enhancements & Beautification

From replenishing beds with fresh mulch and annuals to a complete landscape design overhaul, Floralawn’s Horticultural team of Landscape Designers and Installers can make any building pop with instant added curb appeal.

Your property is our canvas, and we take the time and effort to help each client combine their vision with a self-sustaining landscape and Florida-friendly plants wherever possible. With over 15 years of exceeding our clients’ expectations, you can rest assured that large or small, the job will be done neatly, efficiently, and correctly—the first time, every time.

Landscape Redesign

Sometimes, the original landscape design isn’t meeting your curb-appeal expectations. Most of our clients save significant amounts of money on their water bills by allowing us to redesign their landscape utilizing water-friendly plantings and up-to-date irrigation components.

Mulch Installation

Mulching not only enhances the appearance of your beds and nicely contrasts your turf, it also reduces water usage and helps deter weed growth. Our crews place by hand, or machine blow with precision, with almost no mess to clean up.

Seasonal Color

Adding well-designed annual beds make a strong statement to neighbors, residents, and passersby. Fresh flowers add color and depth to your existing landscape, and can be customized to your desires. Costing under $2 for each plant, they’re a budget friendly way of making your landscape look great.

Sod Replacement & Turf Conversion

When your turf dies, weeds and other undesirable species of grass can soon start to take over the dead spot. Our experts analyze the location, light yield, and water usage to make a turf recommendation that not only makes sense, but is in alignment with your goals and budget.

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Fertilization & Pest Control

A thick, lush, green lawn is not only beautiful, but also the best defense against the full spectrum of diseases, insects, and weeds. Our expert knowledge and experience can keep it looking its best year-round.

Tree & Arbor Care

Palms, Oaks, and ornamental trees can be major investments on your property and replacing them may not be an option. We specialize in treating large palms and trees by direct injection. Not being subject to Florida’s spontaneous rainfall, direct injection treats the problem at its core. It delivers exactly what they need to ensure proper health and vigor.


Proper fertilization is second only to adequate irrigation when it comes to the health of your landscape. A thick, lush, green lawn is not only beautiful, it is the best defense against the full spectrum of diseases, insects, and weeds. Our expert knowledge and experience can keep it looking its best year-round.

Pest Control

When combined with proper fertilization, a proactive pest control program is the best solution possible. Aggressively preventing major infestations will keep your landscape looking its best. Our Integrated Pest Management Professionals can help maximize the beauty, health, and lifespan of your trees, shrubs, and turf.

Indoor Pest Control

We focus our aggressive applications on the structure’s exterior and stop them before they get inside. This eliminates the pest’s lifecycle and allows for a frontline defense before treating inside any building or structure. Our solutions are customized to fit every individual situation and need.

How Can We Help?

Let us customize a landscape plan that meets the unique demands of your property. Partner with a team of experts who have decades of industry knowledge.