Floralawn’s Disaster Relief Protocol


When a disaster strikes, it can leave behind property damage that may pose safety risks, financial burden, and emotional overwhelm. Floralawn has established a comprehensive disaster relief protocol to efficiently and thoroughly reduce safety hazards, address property needs, and bring your landscape back to life.

Florida may be deemed The Sunshine State, but homeowners know well that this state throws a lot more than sunshine at you, especially during hurricane season. All it takes is one hefty hurricane to devastate your property. At Floralawn, we know the headache and expense of hurricane cleanup, and as your disaster relief partner, we work hard and fast to restore your property after it suffers damage.

Disaster Relief Procedure

If your area is impacted by a tropical storm, hurricane, tornado, or other event, we follow an established procedure designed to serve every customer.

  • Regular landscape maintenance is put on hold so Floralawn landscape crews may address your property’s urgent needs.
  • First, we confirm that safe road access is in place before fully assessing a property. After the roads have been cleared, we can begin a comprehensive property assessment.
  • Our property assessment is followed by creating and agreeing upon a clean-up plan for your property. Once this is completed, your Floralawn Account Manager gets the ball rolling: resources are directed to your property to begin a thorough disaster clean-up.
  • If a storm strikes and you have immediate property needs, contact your Account Manager as soon as possible.
  • Please note that Floralawn will schedule debris pickup at a later date following your property cleanup. Debris is not removed right away.

Floralawn Disaster Clean-up Plan

Floralawn is a Florida company, and we know firsthand what it’s like to face a devastated property after a hurricane. After serving South Florida for years, we have learned the most urgent and most common post-storm property needs.

Our proactive disaster relief plan addresses these needs by prioritizing safety and assessing landscape impacts. After a storm, our Floralawn teams visit your property to evaluate the damage and begin clean-up services in the following order:

  • Road access is highly important after a disaster. We start by clearing debris along the road and driveway.
  • We clear and relocate debris posing safety hazards, like trees or limbs blocking doors and entryways.
  • Weakened tree limbs that are likely to fall are trimmed, gathered, and set aside for later pickup.
  • We assess shifted or uprooted plant material for damage and likelihood of survival. Plants that are deemed salvageable are trimmed and replanted.
  • Large wood debris, including tree trunks, root balls, and limbs, are chipped and staged for later debris pickup.
  • Please note: we do not trim and remove trees that have fallen on structures or are near power lines. In these cases, contact an arborist right away.

We understand that a disaster can impact large numbers of people, and many hands are needed in the relief process. We have established relationships with landscaping companies across the state and call in outside crews to assist with disaster clean-up. This way, we have the capacity to address urgent needs and efficiently provide disaster relief services to you and your community.

Routine landscape maintenance is typically resumed one week after a storm, except in cases of severe damage. We will work hard to ensure your property is restored as quickly as possible.