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November Florida bulbs to plant

Bulbs to Plant in Florida in November

Plants & Shrubs

Cultivate bulbs in your garden to add unique textures and gorgeous pops of color to your landscaping. Select appropriate bulbs for Florida, choose and prepare the right planting site, and provide proper care. Spring and summer color, here we come!

Florida garden with vines

Elevate Your Garden with Vines

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Vines can transform your garden into an enchanting oasis. In this blog, we'll delve into the various functions of vines, guide you in choosing manageable and suitable species for your Florida garden, and provide insightful steps on training your chosen vine.

Your Shrub Guide, Part 2: Planting and Care

GardenPlants & Shrubs

As a follow-up to our shrub planning and selection blog, we present to you our guide for shrub planting and care. Prepare the soil and planting sites, plant your shrubs properly, and know what new shrubs need when it comes to water, fertilizer, and pest control.