Be Prepared for Hurricane Season

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Some Floridians are so used to hurricane season that they hardly give it a second thought. It’s true that most hurricanes won’t rip through your hometown, but the key is to prepare for the one that might.

Now is the Time for Palm Planting

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A quintessentially Floridian plant, palms are a perfect accent for any home. Palms are unique and require care that is different from other trees, so understanding what they need before planting creates the best opportunity for them to thrive.

Your April Lawn Care

Landscape MaintenanceLawn Care

As we leave winter behind and move into the warmer seasons, Florida lawns need some care. Cover your bases, complete basic lawn care tasks now, and worry less about the health of your turfgrass.

How Should You Care for Your Shrubs in February?

Plants & Shrubs

Your bushes need some attention this month. Don’t “shrub” it off—this article provides everything you need to properly care for your shrubs in preparation for spring. Included are our pro tips for pruning, shaping, planting, watering, and fertilizing.

How and When to Use Preemergence Herbicides

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Preemergence herbicides are a proactive and preventative alternative to standard weed control measures like mowing and hand pulling. Applied (and reapplied) correctly, they prevent weed seeds from ever germinating. Choose between selective and nonselective herbicide types based on your needs.