Gifts for Landscapers and Gardeners


Stumped on what to get your landscaper or gardener for Christmas this year? From garden carts to wearable mosquito repellent, unique options abound. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite ideas, including tools, accessories, clothing, and stocking stuffers.

It’s nearly December, and you know what that means: the time has come to brainstorm the right gift for that lawn and garden enthusiast in your life. There are endless landscaping accessories out there; you don’t have to settle for another new pair of gardening gloves. Give your loved one handy tools, helpful accessories, clothing to fit the job, or creative stocking stuffers.

Tools Every Gardener Needs

Hori Hori knife: With a razor-sharp blade and serrated edge, the Hori Hori is the ultimate tool. This versatile knife cuts everything from flower stems to woody roots. If your gardener doesn’t already have a Hori Hori knife in the toolshed, they need one this season.

Gauntlet gardening gloves: Your landscaper may already have a pair of gardening gloves, but are they gauntlet gloves? With cuffs that extend up the forearms, these gloves offer protection from tools, bugs, thorns, and more. 

Tool belt: With multiple pockets and compartments, this practical accessory keeps essential gardening tools within arm’s reach, making every planting and pruning task simple and efficient.

Landscaping Accessories

Water timer: This handy device automates the watering process, allowing gardeners to set precise schedules for their plants and ensuring optimal hydration for different garden areas. Say goodbye to overwatering or forgetting to water – the water timer is a thoughtful and practical gift for any gardener seeking a greener thumb.

Rolling garden cart: This versatile and sturdy cart provides a convenient way for gardeners to transport tools, soil, plants, and more around the garden effortlessly. A rolling garden cart can reduce strain on your gardener’s back and make gardening tasks more enjoyable. 

Bluetooth ear protection: A pair of high-tech earmuffs will protect your landscaper’s ears from the noise of power tools and allow them to enjoy their favorite tunes or podcasts wirelessly.

Practical Clothing

Sun hat: Sun protection is of the utmost importance, particularly for those who spend their hours in the outdoors. A wide-brimmed hat rated at least UPF 50+ will do your green-thumbed loved one good. 

 UPF protectant clothing: UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) is a measure of the amount of UV radiation that reaches the skin even through fabric. With so much time spent in the sun, every avid landscaper and gardener needs clothing made with sun-protectant fabrics. These lightweight and breathable garments will keep your loved one cool and shield their skin from harmful rays.

Stocking Stuffers

Indoor grow kit: There’s nothing like watching seeds sprout on your windowsill, especially when it’s too early to plant outdoors. Perfect for both novice gardeners and seasoned plant enthusiasts, a simple indoor grow kit is the perfect stocking stuffer.

Garden dibbers: Garden dibbers make planting seeds easier than ever while reducing root damage and keeping your hands clean. Get a few sizes for planting seeds, cuttings, bulbs, and seedlings.

Wearable mosquito repellent: Wearable mosquito repellent can come in the form of a bracelet or clip-on device, but it allows long-lasting protection either way. Give your landscaper the gift of comfort and of time spent uninterrupted and unbothered.