Freshen Up Your Backyard This Fall


A backyard is a special place, made even more so when it is shared with close friends and family. Now is the time to breathe new life into the summer yard and get ready for all the fun to come this fall.

Vegetable Gardening in August


It may be hot, but you can still grow vegetables in August! Planting guidelines vary across the state, but herbs and even watermelons can be grown in all regions. Prepare your soil, plant based on the recommendations for your region, and enjoy another summer harvest.

Gifts for Gardeners


It’s that gift-giving time of year! Got a green thumb to buy for? Check out our suggestions. We have several small tools to recommend as well as ideas for protective clothing and accessories. If those don’t work, consider giving digital or print subscriptions to landscaping magazines.

Five Tips for Safe Working Outside


Working outside in Florida winter weather is generally delightful. Gardeners who take a few simple safety precautions can enjoy work days throughout the winter without injury or accident. It comes down to protective clothing, proper lifting, awareness, and respecting machinery and wildlife.

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5 Tips for Safe Gardening in the Heat

Lawn Care

Gardening in summertime’s high heat can put people at risk of heat sickness which, in extremes, can lead to unconsciousness, brain damage, and even death. Heat sickness can be prevented by recognizing its symptoms, working outside in the morning or evening, staying well hydrated, and taking breaks.