Freshen Up Your Backyard This Fall


A backyard is a special place, made even more so when it is shared with close friends and family. Now is the time to breathe new life into the summer yard and get ready for all the fun to come this fall.

Summertime is full of beach trips, lake days, and basking in the sun. As we move into autumn, afternoon rain showers go into hibernation and temperatures settle back into a comfortable range.

Both factors open new opportunities for using your backyard. But if summer heat has kept you choosing water-based outings or indoor activities, it might be time to refresh that backyard space.

Embracing a Vision

Some homeowners-turned-decorators love the idea of revamping an outdoor area but don’t know where to start. They add some chairs here, a few plants there, but without a unifying theme.

So before getting into ideas, consider your ideal look. And even more, your ideal feel.

When you enter this backyard space, what vibe do you want? Fun . . . modern . . . elegant . . . family-friendly. . . . You can create any of these by choosing ideas and accessories that move your space in that direction.

If you need ideas, jump up to your search bar and ask your favorite search engine for images of “backyard for entertaining,” “cozy outdoor fireplace ideas,” or whatever sparks your imagination—and see what you find!

Tips for Getting Started . . . Without Getting Carried Away

Now, everyone has started a project and realized afterward the mistakes they made along the way. While mistakes are also valuable learning experiences, let’s see if we can eliminate a few on the front end.

  • The more seating, entertaining space, etc., the higher the cost. If hosting is your thing, it will be well worth it. If not, a cozy setup for two may meet your needs for a fraction of the price.
  • Native plants are less expensive than exotic ones and show off Florida’s natural beauty. This is an easy way to keep the backyard budget down.
  • Homeowners who freshen up their backyard with only fall and winter in mind will make decisions based on milder temperatures, like a central fire pit. Consider including shade trees or umbrellas for when summer rolls back around.

Can’t-Miss Accessories

A theme is an important place to start, but let’s be honest: picking out conversation-starting accessories is where the fun really begins! Our recommendation as you read is to search for sample images of those items that catch your eye and envision how they might complement your outdoor theme.

  • Vintage LED light string: all the rage now, these lights strings evoke the feel of a bygone era (but they’re waterproof!) and are a simple addition to any space.
  • Outdoor rug: perfect for a back patio, a rug softens the feel of bare cement or stone while adding a touch of color.
  • Woven hammock: we’re not talking about your dad’s thin old camping hammock, but a thick and luxurious hanging paradise that only needs hot coffee and a good book to be complete.
  • Stand-alone fire pit: for those that don’t want a permanent pit, portable—yet classy—fire pits are versatile and add immeasurably to the ambience.

Florida backyards are special places, made even more so when they’re shared. Whether your dream yard is enchanting, exciting, or somewhere in between, now is the time to create it.