Thatch in St. Augustine Grass

Thatch in St. Augustine Grass

Lawn Care

Thatch is accumulated organic matter that is persistent, meaning it doesn’t decompose as fast as it builds. This layer of organic matter is caused by excessive mow clippings, leaves, and other debris that settle and rest on your lawn. Thatch is not an on-going enemy like we’ve all heard.

Florida Fall Landscape

Fall Lawn Care Tips

IrrigationLawn Care

Hot & humid starts changing into cool & dry and cold fronts bring rain…not necessarily cold air every time. Here’s some changes that you might or might not be aware of as we roll into full-fledged fall.

Florida Bug on Leaf

4 Common Garden Insects

Disease & Plant Health

Pest control is something every garden-conscious homeowner in Florida is going to have to face. In this article, we’ll take a brief look at a few of the most common offenders, the damage they cause, and how to identify them.

How to Water St. Augustine Grass


St. Augustine (Floratam) grass seems to be the most finicky, problematic grass among the popular Florida species. In most problem cases, improper irrigation lies...