Gifts to Get your Gardener

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The Christmas season is full of joy and cheer but finding the perfect gift for everyone in your life can be anything but. Read on to take the guesswork out of this year’s present search for your gardener.

Christmas is right around the corner and gifts for your loved ones aren’t going to buy themselves. And maybe St. Nick is stopping by the house for the kiddos, but don’t count on him to bring the perfect gift for the gardener in your life. So, what to do? In this post, we’ve compiled our favorite gifts to get your gardener, whether they’d love a plant or something techy.

Plants That Make Great Gifts

Gifting plants is a way to bring warmth, color, and life to some you care about. We could write a book on the best plants for gifts, but here are a couple that top our list.

Christmas Cactus

Schlumbergera, or Christmas cactus, is our top pick for plants to gift this Christmas season. Its popularity has boomed in the recent past, and for good reason. This succulent is easy to propagate, simple to care for, and has a lifespan of 100 years or more! The Brazilian native blooms in cool weather, making an ideal Florida winter gift.


The quintessential holiday plant, poinsettias are practically guaranteed to bring good cheer to young and old. Pot them, plant in a bed, keep it for yourself, or drop it on Granny’s porch—this plant is as versatile as it is beautiful. If you keep it around, it will bloom again next year, too.

Tech the Halls

Who says you can’t combine technology and nature? These gadgets make lawn care easier, freeing homeowners up to tend to the other demands of life.

WORX Landroid

Mowing your lawn by hand is so, like, 2020. The WORX Landroid robotic lawn mower welcomes you to the future of lawn care. This machine maintains golf course-like grass, is fully automated and can be controlled from an app with just a few taps. Designed for up to a half-acre, the Landroid could make 2022 feel like 2050 came early.

RAINPOINT Soil Moisture Meter

Maintaining the right levels of moisture in the soil is a critical component of lawn care. Too much moisture can lead to rotting and disease, while not enough leaves your grass parched and sickly. The RAINPOINT Bluetooth Soil Moisture Meter does the monitoring for you and wirelessly delivers readings to an indoor display. Doesn’t get much easier than this.

An App for Everything

They say you can find an app for just about anything, and we’ve found that to be true for gardening and landscaping.

See Your Dream Landscape with ISCAPE

So many homeowners do the bare minimum when it comes to landscaping for one reason alone: they’re not sure what will look good. Using iScape allows you to snap a picture of your yard and add features including plants, trees, and walkways to get an eye for what your finished product will look like.

Identify Unknown Plants with Picture This

This remarkable app analyzes photos to identify plants with a claimed 99% accuracy. When you’re in town and see a flowering plant you’d love to have at home, Picture This lets you know exactly what it is and what care it will need. We hope this article gave you just the gift ideas you need for the gardener in your life. Between plants, new tech gadgets, and apps that can do pretty much anything, there’s no shortage of Christmas presents out there.