5 Lawn Care Tips for Dog Urine

Lawn Care

Dog urine is a common problem that many pet lovers will have to address. It can leave brown, yellow or completely dead patches on an otherwise healthy, lush lawn. Fortunately, there are some lawn care options for dealing with this issue. Try a combination of techniques for best results, but be patient because it will take some time for the dead patches to grow back.

The protein digested by dogs metabolizes into urea, which is a type of nitrogen. When urea comes into contact with plant materials in concentrated amounts, it burns the plants and they die. It’s exactly the same thing as applying too much fertilizer on your grass.

The solution is to dilute or neutralize the urea. This can be accomplished in several ways:
Use a neutralizing dietary supplement. These are designed to neutralize the urea before it reaches the lawn. Be sure to discuss this option with a vet because changing the pH balance in your dog’s urine can have adverse health effects.

Use a neutralizing product especially made for lawn care application. Follow the package instructions carefully because they vary from product to product.

As soon as the dog urinates, thoroughly water the affected area to eliminate or lessen the burning effect and dilute the area. But be careful not to overwater – this is a bad lawn care practice.

Ensure your dog remains well-hydrated to prevent its urine from being too concentrated. This will greatly reduce the burning effect.
Consider using a variety of grass that has nitrogen-resistant properties such as Zoysia, Fescue or Perennial Rye.